Who we are

Shop The Runway is a fashion-forward destination. We are both a website and a physical store in the USA. We provide customers with high-end styles to make them feel like stars shopping at sale prices. It all started when we created the concept for Shop The Runway inspired by our own personal love for fashion, handbags, and celebrity style. After college, we started working in the cosmetic business so that we could wear all the gorgeous products ourselves, but we never wanted to be everyday users because makeup products were too expensive for our budget. That's where the idea for Shop The Runway struck, giving women affordable access to designer goods meant for celebrities at one-third of the cost.

Our Mission

Our store, Shop The Runway Boutique, is a fashion-forward destination. In a day and age where many women feel like the impossible starlet some girls only dream about, we want you to feel like an Elton John, feeling amazing about yourself.

The Hollywood Department for Shop The Runway Boutique features a curated selection of current fashions that are styled and modeled to resemble signature celebrity looks straight from LA’s red carpets. Everything in our boutique is on-site and ready to wear so it is time to nix the shopping habit of chasing down every last little sale across town. We offer discount and sale brands with designer quality at all price points. Shop The Runway is a shop for women on the go that want to look sexy and need something fashion-forward.


Celebrities come to us because we curate fashion essentials that offer versatility for their lifestyle–it doesn’t hurt that it saves them time too. With the fast-paced entertainment industry always changing styles, our staff finds vintage pieces and couture standouts in Los Angeles, making sure our customers always get the latest trends directly from the trendy meccas of New York, London, Paris, and Milan
It all started when we were 15 years old and we had just found our love of fashion at a relative’s bookstore while browsing through Harper’s Bazaar magazine. They had these Runway Lookbooks where they featured styles of Fashion Week runway collections that hadn’t been produced yet so the runway models were selling designs out in front of the audience.

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